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Youth-Centered & Family Focused

CORE Choice & Resources is a nonprofit organization that offers children, youth, and families a wide range of therapeutic and treatment options grounded in a strengths-based and needs-based approach. 

Supervised Parenting Services

Our supervised parenting services offer families options when it comes to court appointed supervision. The entire proccess can be overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing. Our Family Advocates understand the intake process, offer reliable and safe tranportation to and from supervised visits, and are able to assist families by working with them in creating a family supervision plan that can positively impact their lives. Click here for more info (coming soon)

If you're interested in becoming a contractor-provider, please send us an email to: sps@thecorecollective.com, or call 480.718.3196 option 5

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Our Mission 

CORE Choice & Resources is committed to providing trauma-informed care for children, youth, and families by implementing evidence-based practices focused on the varying needs of our community.

Emphasis on Evidence-based Treatment Solutions

We strive to provide a system of care that focuses on positive and measurable outcomes rooted in evidence-based programs.

Emergency Short-term Placement 

We offer short-term placement care in emergency situations offering a safe, caring, and healing environment for children and youth who have been separated from their families. (facilities coming soon!)

Partnering with Other Agencies

Therapeutic Residential Care (TRC) is an essential component to the continuum of care once other interventions have been explored and have not been successful.

Supporting Families + Youth

For every ten families, there is usually one unstable family with either one parent in prison, a mother who has been treated violently, an abusive caregiver, an emotionally or physically abused and neglected child. According to AZ Central, 44.4 percent of Arizona children ages 12 to 17 suffer from two or more such traumatic experiences, surpassing the national average of 30.5 percent. 

CORE Choices & Resources is an Arizona-based nonprofit organization founded to provide families with a wide range of therapeutic and treatment solutions grounded in a strengths-based and needs-based approach. 

Trauma-informed Care

Trauma impacts people's lives. CORE Choice & Resources is committed to providing trauma-informed care that builds trust, provides a safe space, encourages collaboration, and empowerment among staff and peers. 

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We are a 501(c)3 status organization, If you're interested in donating resources and learning more about our organization, click below


Continuity of Care

At CORE Choice & Resources we strive to maintain focus on the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve by adjusting methods for delivery of programs and services that are aligned to those needs. We work to implement best practices that focus on organizational goals; proactively take steps towards outcomes that have a positive impact.